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We are the leading full-service franchise consulting firm.  We have a national network of independent offices that provide franchise "matchmaking" services.  

Our pre-screened companies represent the finest blend of established and emerging franchises, distributorships, and home-based business opportunities.  Continuously evaluated against a database of thousands, the companies we discuss with buyers are what we feel represent the best investment and entrepreneurial opportunities available.  Investment ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000+, so there is a business for every budget.

By design, we are NOT a franchise, so we are not incented to sell you our business. Rather, we allow you to choose the right business for yourself from the options we explore with you.  We feel that if we were a franchise and actively selling our business, it would impair the judgment of our consultants and not properly align their motives with yours.

In recognition of our industry-leading process, we are the only franchise broker network to be awarded the Chairman's Award by the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers and share their same mission of striking win-win deals between Franchisees and Franchisors through Total Quality FranchisingTM.  

Finally, our professional service fees are covered by the franchisors in our catalog, so there is never any charge to you and you will never be pressured or under any obligation, ever.

  • We believe, above all, it is about the quality of the businesses we offer, not the quantity.  We turn away ten times more than we accept.
  • We believe your franchise consultant should be more than a "referral agent" who only conducts business over the phone and on the Internet -- our consultants personally meet each buyer.
  • We believe you should be free to work with whomever you choose and explore all your options.  You should never limit your choices, especially during the critical research process.
  • We believe we are not "done with you" once you pay your franchise fees and placed into a business.  We remain your coach and you are always welcome to meet us in our office for ongoing counseling and assistance.  We want to see you prosper and be a future referral for us!
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