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I don’t think there’s a way I would have
tried to pursue this
(selecting the right franchise) on my own, without the personal attention of TEA.

Ken P.
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Experience our
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Why use The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA)?                                          
We offer the most organized, no-nonsense approach to exploring business ownership.
How can this be free?
"250".  That is how many contacts franchise companies  must make for each successful arrangement. 
How do we do it?

WE LISTEN.  We want to learn as much about you and your objectives as we possibly can. Some key things we will need to know are:
Am I ever under any obligation?
No. Never.
How much will a business cost me?
Generally, a business requires some cash and the ability to finance the remainder.
What about obtaining financing?
Many options exist.  Sometimes, the individual seller/franchisor is even willing to participate.
What happens to the confidential information I give you?
It will not be given to anyone except
What experience do I need?
Most companies prefer people with the ability to lead, manage and market.
How long does it take?
While this can vary from business to business, generally you set the pace.
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