How to Identify a Great Franchise Opportunity

Finding a franchise opportunity that makes sense for your own goals and passions is important, but of equal importance is to find a franchisor that reflects your own values and has a real passion for the brand.

Here are some things to look for when evaluating a franchisor:

Franchisor has a clear direction and strategy for the brand, including how it fits into the competitive landscape;

Franchisor deals fairly and consistently with all franchisees and lays out clear policies to follow;

Franchisor has respect for franchisee input and listens to franchisee concerns prior to making important decisions;

Franchisor holds its management team to the same high expectations it demands of its franchisees;

Franchisor is forward-thinking, with strategic plans for growing the brand in partnership with franchisees and keeps profitability for all as a key priority.

For more information on how to identify a great franchise opportunity, attend our free October 25 webinar, Franchise Ownership as a More Stable Career Path.  The webinar is free, but you need to pre-register, which you can do online by clicking on the linked seminar title.

You may also register by calling 866-246-2884.

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