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The consultation process is a thorough investigation of the candidates’ preferences and qualifications to make accurate franchise recommendations. The information you provide our affiliate consultants is kept strictly confidential. By filling out our CRF (Consultation Request Form) form, you aid your consultant to understand many facets of your career goals. However, that information is never shared with any person or company until YOU decide to release it to a company/franchisor you are interested in researching.

By working with an affiliate consultant, you are assured that your name will never be sold to any individual, organization or company. Furthermore, we only contact individuals that sign up to our service. You can opt out of receiving future correspondence if you desire. By agreeing with the terms of registration, you agree to receive phone calls and/or emails even if your phone number is registered with the National Do Not Call List or any State Do Not Call Registry, or you reside in the state of California.