2024 Interview Series: Embracing an Entrepreneurial Challenge — Michelle Burlison’s Successful Leap into Franchise Ownership

Michelle Burlison’s journey towards franchise ownership began much like many others – with a desire for more freedom, flexibility, and control over her professional life. After working in the corporate world for many years, she was ready to take on a new challenge. And with an extensive background in accounting, and finance, and a pinch […]

2024 Interview Series: A Masterpiece of Franchising – Karen VanGordon Paints a Story of Success

When you sit down to chat with Karen VanGordon, you immediately get the sense that her story is not just about business — it’s about passion, determination, and a deep desire to serve her community. With the help of David Omholt and The Entrepreneur Authority, Karen took a leap from corporate life into the world […]

2023 Interview Series: TEA Aligns an Outplaced Executive to an Ideal Franchise Opportunity

Jim Bauer may have been one of the most unlikely business owners when he got his start in franchising in 2009. For the prior 25 years, Jim had served in numerous high-level executive roles for a well-established homebuilding operation for a public builder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. However, with the housing market collapse in […]

2023 Interview Series: From Disillusioned Executive to Franchisee Success Story

Mark Scholz had come to a crossroads. With decades of professional experience in marketing leadership roles, he was looking for a change. He was great at what he did, having worked at high-profile organizations such as the legendary ad agency, Leo Burnett, and the information technology powerhouse, Hewlett-Packard, but had grown disillusioned with the traditional […]

2023 Interview Series: Scott Vermillion with Yellowbee Marketing

As is oftentimes the case, Scott Vermillion’s path to business ownership is a story of being in the right place at the right time. For close to 15 years, Scott had worked in the ministry as an Executive Pastor. When it came to the church, most of the conversations centered on individuals’ personal and spiritual […]

2022 Interview Series: Safer Franchising — Experienced Franchise Attorney Discusses How to Avoid the Biggest Legal Landmines Before Investing!

Franchising has become an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to start and grow a business of their own. With a multitude of benefits, including access to a proven business model, franchisor support, brand recognition, and lower risk than starting a business from scratch, franchising can be an attractive option for those looking to become their […]