Legit Ways to Work From Home

Work-from-home scams are a dime a dozen on the Internet these days, yet people are still falling for them because their desire to earn their living while working from home is so strong.  Luckily, home-based franchises fill that void legitimately for thousands of people every year, and are currently one of the fastest growing segments […]

How to Fund a Franchise

On the top of the list for many potential franchisees is financing, and going through the process of obtaining a business loan can be daunting for many people – another reason that consulting with a franchise broker can be helpful. BoeFly, the company that pairs franchisees with lenders, recently released this infographic on the funding […]

Low-Cost Franchises Gaining in Popularity

According to a new report from Franchise Business Review, low-cost franchises – those that demand an investment of less than $100,000 — have realized significant gains in popularity during the recent economic downturn and are positioned for strong growth as the economic recovery strengthens. FBR surveyed more than 11,000 franchisees for the report and found […]

Is Investing in a Franchise a Sure Thing?

The New York Times profiled several franchisees in its Wealth Matters column recently and found that it takes a certain kind of entrepreneur to succeed as a franchisee:  one who is comfortable running a business in a prescribed way. And for those who have a passion for managing a process, investing in franchises can be […]

Is a Home-Based Franchise Right for You?

A recent survey by the Small Business Success Index found that there are currently about 6.6 million home businesses in the U.S. that generate at least half their owners’ household income and employ 13 million people.  Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of business going on at home these days. The franchise industry has […]

How to Tell if a Franchise is a Good Fit for You

Determining the proper culture fit is just as important for franchisors as it is for those seeking to invest in a franchise.   While “fit” can be hard to measure and difficult to define, it is considered one of the top reasons a business succeeds or fails.  What many potential franchisees may not realize is that […]