How to Make the Journey from Dream to Decision

Studies show that the vast majority of us would rather work for ourselves than for anyone else.  So why doesn’t everybody go out and start their own businesses?  It’s usually because of fear. Larina Kase, author of The Confident Leader, says if you are stuck in limbo and want to get to the point where […]

Live Webinar Thursday 2/23: Hottest Industries & Top Franchise Trends for 2012

The Entrepreneur Authority team attended the annual International Franchise Association Convention last week and learned a lot about what is going on right now in the franchise marketplace. We will share it all with you tomorrow – Thursday, Feb. 23 — via a free live webinar at 1:30 p.m. CT. During this one-hour complimentary webinar, […]

Major Steps Along the Way to Opening a Franchise

Entering into any new business venture is a process; here are some of the major steps along the way: 1. Self-evaluation. Matching franchise opportunities with the skills you have accumulated over your career and your own personal strengths and weaknesses is the first step in finding the right franchise for you. 2. Choose a franchise […]

Mark Cuban Shares The Key To Recognizing A Profitable Business Opportunity

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban – who made his reputation (and his billions) as a business maverick as well – is the author of a great blog where he posts his thoughts on business, sports and other life essentials.  You can find it at His new book, How to Win at the Sport of […]

How to Find the Best Franchise Opportunity

The reason many people are attracted to franchising is to mitigate their risk in starting their own business.  And when you buy a franchise, you are really purchasing a process, one that has already been tested and proven to work. So why wouldn’t you use a process to find the best franchise out there for […]

Live Webinar Feb. 23: Report from International Franchise Association Convention

The Entrepreneur Authority team is in Orlando today at the annual International Franchise Association Convention.  We are learning a lot about what is going on right now in the franchise marketplace and want to share it with you as soon as possible – which is why we have scheduled a live webinar for next Thursday, […]