2024 Interview Series: From Pulpit to Profit: A Pastor’s Journey to Franchise Ownership

In the world of entrepreneurship, few stories resonate with the combination of passion, purpose, and profit as does that of Dave Robertson, the dynamic franchise owner of Super Dave’s Snacks. His journey from a 34-year career as a pastor to the helm of a thriving vending machine concierge service is both inspiring and a testament to the personally and professionally rewarding nature of franchise ownership.

A Leap of Faith into Franchising

Dave’s transition from pastoral duties to the world of vending machines was less about retirement and more about a new beginning. It was a “God moment,” as he describes it when the idea of vending popped into his mind. This epiphany led him to Super Dave’s Snack Emporium – a venture that now spans hotels, distribution centers, and even a junior college.

The Entrepreneur Authority: Guiding Light in Dave’s Franchise Journey

Central to Dave’s successful shift was his connection with David Omholt, CEO of The Entrepreneur Authority. Many people come to David and TEA through seminars and job placement fairs. In Dave’s case, however, the two men already had a close relationship, as Dave was David’s pastor.

Dave credits Omholt’s expertise in franchising as instrumental in guiding him through the maze of options. “I knew he was the best in the business at what he does,” Dave shared. So, when he approached David about three different opportunities, Omholt’s conviction about Naturals2Go; known for its accolades in the franchise world, in particular, solidified his decision. “Well alright,” Dave recalled, “that’s who I’m gonna go with. If David says go with them. I’m going with them!”

Growth, Challenges, and Community Impact

Dave’s story is not just about business growth but also about overcoming challenges and giving back. When he first signed on with Naturals2Go, he was slated to fly out to Buffalo, NY in March 2020 for training, coincidentally right when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like much of the world, the city was shut down, and his training was done online. When in-person training eventually resumed, Dave was invited out to participate. Fast forward to today, and not only is Dave a successful franchise owner, but he has become the company’s lead trainer and coach, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

Like his days as a pastor, community involvement remains a cornerstone of Dave’s business philosophy. From offering scholarships to local students to embedding his services within the community fabric, Dave’s approach goes beyond mere profit. His initiatives, like partnering with a local barbecue restaurant to offer unique vending options, showcase innovative thinking in franchise operations.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those considering a franchise, Dave underscores the importance of support and knowledge. He feels that one of the most important ingredients to success is choosing a franchise that offers comprehensive support, from training to technical assistance. “Even though you’re starting your own business, which can be scary, you’re not in this by yourself,” he emphasized.

He’s also quick to point out the importance of working with an expert like The Entrepreneur Authority. “I guarantee if I would have gone with another company instead of the company that David recommended, I wouldn’t have the success I have right now,” Dave said. “Having somebody who can guide you in that process of determining what’s the best avenue for you…that’s what David’s especially talented at.”

Dave Robertson’s story with Super Dave’s Snacks is more than a business success; it’s a story of transformation, community engagement, and the value of expert guidance in the world of franchising.  Inspired by Dave’s story and interested in franchising? The Entrepreneur Authority delivers tailored support, deep industry connections, and a wide selection of opportunities to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

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2024 Interview Series: Embracing an Entrepreneurial Challenge — Michelle Burlison’s Successful Leap into Franchise Ownership

Michelle Burlison’s journey towards franchise ownership began much like many others – with a desire for more freedom, flexibility, and control over her professional life. After working in the corporate world for many years, she was ready to take on a new challenge. And with an extensive background in accounting, and finance, and a pinch of legal and marketing experience, she was well-equipped for her next challenge. Yet, it wasn’t the allure of another corporate gig that caught her eye — it was the entrepreneurial spirit calling her name.

Embarking on a New Venture

Michelle’s journey began with a nudge from a close friend who had found success through franchising. It was through this connection that Michelle was introduced to David Omholt, CEO of The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA), a name that would soon become synonymous with her successful leap into franchise ownership. Initially, Michelle was unaware of all the options available to her in the franchise world, but with David’s guidance and expertise, she was able to narrow down her choices and find the perfect fit.

“David had all the information to help me make an informed decision,” Michelle recalls. “He also invests the time to get to know you. In fact, he went out of his way to get to know my husband as well, even though my husband was not going to be part of the business. So, we were both very impressed with that.”

Schooley Mitchell: The Unexpected Fit

Michelle found herself venturing into uncharted territory with Schooley Mitchell, a franchise specializing in cost reduction consulting — a far cry from the typical franchising models dotting the landscape. It was a franchise she, like many, had never imagined existed.

“We hear ‘franchise’, and we think of very common brands, and we think of a five million dollar investment. So, I knew there was a lot that I didn’t know.”

The Schooley Mitchell franchise, however, ticked all the boxes for Michelle. It was a B2B model that resonated with her expertise, offered the flexibility to work from anywhere, and had no geographical boundaries — a perfect fit for her love of travel. More importantly, it leveraged her financial acumen and analytical prowess, allowing her to thrive in an environment tailor-made for her skill set.

A Future of Growth and Flexibility

Now, five years into her franchise, Michelle is enjoying not just a thriving business, but an enhanced lifestyle. The flexibility afforded by her franchise allows her to manage her family and career without the constraints of corporate life’s demanding schedule.

“It really has enabled me to manage both family and career better. I’m still working hard and a lot of hours, but I work the way I want to work and, on my terms,” she shared.

Looking ahead, Michelle is committed to continued growth and exploring all avenues that may unfold over the next five years. Whether it’s renewing her franchise, passing the torch to her children, or even finding an external buyer, the possibilities are endless.

Advice for Aspiring Franchise Owners

For those standing where she once stood, Michelle has one piece of advice: work with an experienced consultant. She credits her success to David and the TEA team, who provided invaluable guidance throughout her journey. Michelle praised the process facilitated by David as educational, informative, and, above all, tailored to her needs and pace.

“Even if I never bought a franchise, I would have been better off for having known David and gone through that process for sure,” she said.

She also underscored the importance of partnering with someone who offers a vast array of options and who invests time in finding the perfect match — a franchise consultant who is the ‘eHarmony of franchises,’ as she fondly puts it.

The Entrepreneur Authority: A Guiding Hand

Michelle’s story isn’t just a testament to her success; it’s also evidence of The Entrepreneur Authority’s prowess in finding the best franchise fit for its clients. By providing personalized attention, industry connections and expertise, and a vast array of options, David and his team have helped countless individuals embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and build successful businesses.

TEA offers no-fee consultations, in addition to complimentary webinars on franchising. To schedule an appointment with a Franchise Consultant or register for a webinar, call 866-246-2884 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.

2024 Interview Series: A Masterpiece of Franchising – Karen VanGordon Paints a Story of Success

When you sit down to chat with Karen VanGordon, you immediately get the sense that her story is not just about business — it’s about passion, determination, and a deep desire to serve her community. With the help of David Omholt and The Entrepreneur Authority, Karen took a leap from corporate life into the world of franchising and ended up creating a masterpiece of a business with CertaPro Painters®, creating a legacy that’s as vibrant as the homes and businesses her franchise revitalized.

Charting New Territory: Transitioning into Franchise Ownership

It all started when Karen and her husband, Don, were at a career crossroads, grappling with the question, “What’s next?” After receiving what she described as her “goodbye package” following twenty-plus years in corporate leadership, Karen knew she wanted something else. That’s when she crossed paths with David Omholt. “I met David through the outplacement service,” Karen recalled. “I came home and said to my husband, ‘What do you think about if we buy a business and work together?’ And that’s where the journey started.”

Karen was very clear about what she was looking for in a business — it needed to be a franchise with a strong culture, processes, and structures already in place. There also had to be an opportunity in their market for growth that met their timeline for retirement. After exploring multiple options, Karen and Don landed on CertaPro Painters®, a franchise business specializing in residential and commercial painting services.

Cultivating Growth: Strategies for Expansion, Engagement, and Exit

Their business grew, not just in revenue but in stature, gaining a reputation for quality and trust. This wasn’t by accident. Karen’s strategy was clear from the start: “We had a 10-year plan; it was a 10-year license agreement. We said straight up front, that we’re not going to renew. We’re going to be done, and we’re going to retire.” Her business acumen, combined with CertaPro’s proven systems and processes, meant that their franchise’s growth was almost inevitable. “Our top-line revenue grew from previous customers and word-of-mouth referrals,” she proudly states. That’s a testament to building a strong reputation and speaks louder than any marketing pitch ever could.

In 2014 Karen was mentoring another local franchise, who expressed interest in buying their business. Guided by their 10-year plan, in 2016, she put together a rough framework of what they wanted their exit to look like, and prepare the business to get the highest sale possible.  In January 2018 they sold their CertaPro franchise, and she contracted to stay on board till December to assist with the transition. They had multiple offers, and very strong negotiations, and as Karen says, “our reputation and the brand sold it.”

Besides her business success with CertaPro, Karen also turned her franchise into a platform for mentorship and community involvement. She taught classes on entrepreneurship as a guest speaker at local high schools and was active in their local Chambers of Commerce community events and sponsorships. Karen and her husband didn’t just run a business — they were an integral part of their community and left a lasting impact on those around them.

Reflecting on Karen’s success, David Omholt said “What has always impressed me about Karen is how relationship-driven she is.  She’s not transactional; she’s committed to helping and being a value-add in all relationships. That’s her hard-wiring.  So it is no mystery that success has just followed her.”

Reflections on Entrepreneurship

Now, as she reflects on her journey, Karen offers a nugget of wisdom for those eyeing the franchise path: “You have to be real with yourself regarding your capabilities. And if you are in the space that you are working with a family member or partner, you have to really understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses and how you don’t sacrifice your relationship for business.”

To hear Karen tell it, David and The Entrepreneur Authority played an instrumental role in making their success a reality. “When we were in the final phases of deciding which franchise to go with, the key was David’s relationship with our recruiter and even the CEO from CertaPro. That was really key, and I think that speaks highly of him.”

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2023 Interview Series: TEA Aligns an Outplaced Executive to an Ideal Franchise Opportunity

Jim Bauer may have been one of the most unlikely business owners when he got his start in franchising in 2009. For the prior 25 years, Jim had served in numerous high-level executive roles for a well-established homebuilding operation for a public builder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. However, with the housing market collapse in 2008, Jim found himself without a job and wondering what his next move should be.

Fortunately, Jim found The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA) and the guidance of David Omholt, TEA’s CEO while going through his career transition with outplacement firm Right Management (www.Right.com).  He was immediately taken with the idea of self-employment through franchising when David spoke to a group of outplaced executives about the opportunities available in franchising. As Jim said, “David was awesome. He had a great awareness of where our heads were at as a group of outplaced executives, and the concerns, anxiety, and pressure we felt. I remember so vividly his presentation, his key points, and his message was spot on.”

Personal Experience Leads to Franchise Success

Due to Jim’s professional background and all other parameters lining up, David felt that he would be a good fit for a number of different franchises, but one that really resonated with Jim was PuroClean (www.PurocleanFranchise.com), a property damage restoration services business. This was partly due to the fact that Jim had previously experienced significant damage to his personal residence due to a water heater leak, which had to be serviced by a property restoration company. Unfortunately, the “industry leader” that had been hired to take care of the issue had left a lot to be desired in terms of quality and customer service.

Jim saw an opportunity to offer a better experience to other people going through similar situations. After carefully considering several options, he decided to become an owner-operator of a PuroClean franchise.

The Value of an Experienced Mentor

Flash forward to April 2023: Jim is now in the process of completing a successful exit strategy from his PuroClean franchise after 14 years of ownership. This is something that TEA always emphasizes in their franchise coaching and guidance; that is, for business owners to plan for the future and set up a strategy for exiting their businesses when the time is right.

Jim has said of his experience with TEA, “I am so thankful to David and to PuroClean for what they have afforded me. At a time when I had a lot of confusion and anxiety, David brought order out of chaos, and ultimately, introduced me to PuroClean, which became a vehicle for me to take my network, experiences, and skills, and adapt them into a much safer space.”

TEA offers no-fee consultations, in addition to complimentary webinars on franchising. To schedule an appointment with a Franchise Consultant or register for a webinar, call 866-246-2884 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.

2023 Interview Series: From Disillusioned Executive to Franchisee Success Story

Mark Scholz had come to a crossroads. With decades of professional experience in marketing leadership roles, he was looking for a change. He was great at what he did, having worked at high-profile organizations such as the legendary ad agency, Leo Burnett, and the information technology powerhouse, Hewlett-Packard, but had grown disillusioned with the traditional corporate world and was ready for something new.

Like many successful executives, Mark had been contacted by various franchise brokers but wasn’t totally sold on the professionalism and expertise of the people that had reached out to him. It wasn’t until he attended a JSN panel discussion and met David Omholt, President, and CEO of The Entrepreneur Authority, that he felt he had found the right partner to assist him with the franchise research and buying process. Mark was immediately impressed by David’s deep knowledge of the industry, credibility, and intelligence and felt confident that he had finally found someone he could trust.

A Trusted Advisor

Not long after initially meeting at the JSN event, Mark had his first conversation with David about franchising. “I just got a super great first impression of David. He’s a really smart, and credible, salt-of-the-earth guy,” said Mark. “That phone call, which should have been maybe a 15-minute conversation, went for over an hour, and I just felt I was in good hands.” From that point on, David got to work and put together a profile for Mark and introduced him to the many free resources available through TEA.

Learn more about all the free tools that TEA makes available at: https://eAuth.com/resources/.

Both David and Mark were pleasantly surprised by how many franchisors were interested in talking to Mark about their businesses. There were over a dozen opportunities that David presented to Mark, and the two worked together to whittle the list down to three franchises that best aligned with Mark’s goals, interests, and skills.

The Process Works

For Mark the advantage of working with David and TEA was clear. “The difference with The Entrepreneur Authority is how professional, thorough, and methodical their process is,” he said. “David gave me great guidance to narrow down my choices and then vet those out to make a decision.” With David’s guidance, Mark eventually settled on a franchise called Zoom Room – an exciting franchise that specializes in dog training. For Mark, it was the perfect opportunity to pursue his love of dogs and be involved in an industry that is growing rapidly.

Since becoming a franchisee, Mark has nothing but praise for David and the process that he went through with TEA. “I’ve been very, very happy with the decision,” said Mark. “I just think the world of David, and I would recommend him and TEA to anyone who’s serious about franchising.”  Meanwhile, Mark should have three Zoom Room locations open within the next year.  What a neat reinvention story!

TEA offers no-fee consultations, in addition to complimentary webinars on franchising. To schedule an appointment with a Franchise Consultant or register for a webinar, call 866-246-2884 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.

2023 Interview Series: Scott Vermillion with Yellowbee Marketing

As is oftentimes the case, Scott Vermillion’s path to business ownership is a story of being in the right place at the right time. For close to 15 years, Scott had worked in the ministry as an Executive Pastor. When it came to the church, most of the conversations centered on individuals’ personal and spiritual lives, but there was a void when it came to discussing vocations. Coming from a family of business owners, Scott was always interested in learning more about what people’s work lives were like – and he found they were eager to have those conversations as well.

Over time, Scott discovered that he had a natural aptitude for guiding people – specifically business owners – in optimizing both their business and the joy they received from the work they did. Finally, “Divine Providence,” as Scott describes it, intervened when he helped out a friend who was holding a job seekers networking conference, and David Omholt of The Entrepreneur Authority happened to be a guest speaker, presenting on entrepreneurship and franchising opportunities.

Scott Vermillion of Yellowbee Marketing

TEA Provides a Spark

That initial presentation by Omholt sparked Scott’s interest in franchising and was integral in helping him take that initial first step, “Sometimes you need help to get through those initial barriers,” Scott said, “And David was a great source of wisdom and experience. The more he talked, the more I learned.” Scott dove in and decided to take TEA’s assessment tools, and it was quickly apparent that franchising was a great option for him.

Learn more about some of the free tools that TEA makes available at: https://eAuth.com/resources/.

At that point, David began guiding Scott through the discovery process, helping him explore which opportunities might be the best match – and there was no shortage of solid options, given Scott’s versatile skillset. The two worked together and narrowed his options down to six, then two, and finally to a business opportunity that most closely aligned with Scott’s background, skill set, interests, and most importantly, allowed him to follow what he felt called to do, which is helping people.

A Mentor is Key

One of the biggest pieces of advice Scott has for anyone considering franchising or a business opportunity is to find a mentor. “I think it’s so important to have somebody who’s been around the block; who’s seen what franchises are worth getting involved with and which aren’t…those are things that you don’t know unless you have a guide,” Scott said. Another valuable lesson he learned was the importance of having a mentor there to not only guide you through the process but also to be someone to bounce ideas off. As Scott describes it, the vetting process with TEA was very diligent. “What was very helpful was how specific David was about the options available to me,” he said, “I had a lot of questions, and he was there to answer all of them.”

On-Going Relationships are Much-Favored

When Omholt founded TEA back 20 years ago, he wanted the business to not be so transactional.  He wanted enduring relationships with the folks he came across.  He calls it building success TEAms. And, Scott is a perfect example of that – the two have continued to collaborate in the market.  Omholt loves to refer business his way as he can and try to help connect him into target-rich markets.  Most contemporary, the two will be part of a panel discussion on business ownership at the same Church they met at…all aimed at helping others.  See a pattern here?

TEA offers no-fee consultations, in addition to complimentary webinars on franchising. To schedule an appointment with a Franchise Consultant or register for a webinar, call 866-246-2884 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.

2022 Interview Series: Safer Franchising — Experienced Franchise Attorney Discusses How to Avoid the Biggest Legal Landmines Before Investing!

Franchising has become an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to start and grow a business of their own. With a multitude of benefits, including access to a proven business model, franchisor support, brand recognition, and lower risk than starting a business from scratch, franchising can be an attractive option for those looking to become their own boss.

However, like any investment, there are also risks associated with franchising. One of the biggest is getting caught up in legal landmines that can end up costing time and money. In this article, Ryan Whitfill, Chair of the Franchise Practice Group at Culhane Meadows, PLLC, describes the three biggest legal pitfalls associated with franchising, and the specific steps potential franchise investors can make to help minimize these risks and protect themselves from a legal standpoint.

Do Your Homework

The first and most important thing a potential franchisee can do is make sure to do their due diligence upfront. There are a lot of potential franchisees out there that are looking for an investment opportunity and have the money but not the experience. In Ryan’s opinion, the best way to do this is to find a mentor to help guide them through the process. Franchise consultants are invaluable in helping potential investors identify legitimate, well-run franchises.

As Ryan describes, “If an individual decides to move on with a franchise, they’re going to be signing a contract, and will be bound by that contract,” he said, “So if they’ve got someone guiding them, it’s an excellent way to start, and it’s great because it doesn’t cost the franchise prospect anything.”

According to Ryan, this is why The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA) is such a valuable resource.  Not only do they guide interested parties through the process of identifying the right franchise for their specific goals, but they also provide several helpful tools to assist potential franchisees early in the discovery process. Learn more about all the free tools that TEA makes available at: https://eAuth.com/resources/.

Get a Thorough Understanding of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Another potential legal landmine that potential franchisees need to be aware of is failing to read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) thoroughly. The FDD is required by law to be given to potential franchisees before they sign any agreements, and it contains a wealth of information about the franchisor, as well as what the franchisee is obligated to and bound to. Ryan describes that people will sometimes mistakenly believe that verbal, or even email correspondence may be binding. Not so. The FDD supersedes any prior verbal or written agreement, so Ryan believes it’s critical to have a clear understanding of this document before signing anything. “Getting an attorney who knows what they’re doing to help potential franchisees read through that document and really understand what the agreement obligates them to do as a franchisee, as well as what their rights and obligations are under that contract is very helpful, to understanding what they’re getting into, from a legal standpoint,” Ryan said.

Speak to Current and Past Franchisees

Lastly, Ryan recommends speaking to as many current and past franchisees as possible. This is a great way to get a sense of what the day-to-day life of a franchisee is like and to get some inside information on the franchisor. When an investor finds a franchise concept that they want to move forward with, it’s essential to talk to as many franchisees as possible, because there will be a variety of experiences.

“It’s a big part of understanding the system from the people who are already in it,” Ryan stated, “They may be able to advise potential investors of things that they didn’t realize they were going to be obligated to do, or maybe aspects of the franchise that aren’t clearly enunciated in the agreement.”

According to Ryan, if an individual does these three things, they’re going to be in a much better place when it comes to understanding and avoiding any legal landmines that may exist prior to investing in a franchise. “Based on the business advice, the legal advice, and then the inside advice from existing franchisees,” Ryan said, “you put those three things together, and a potential franchisee will have a good understanding of what they’re getting into and can feel confident that they’re making a fully informed decision.”

Ryan Whitfill is Chair of the Franchise Practice Group at Culhane Meadows, PLLC. He has over 20 years of experience providing legal counsel to individuals exploring investing in franchises. He also works closely with TEA, an organization that specializes in helping people navigate the process of finding the right franchise fit. TEA offers no-fee consultations, in addition to complimentary webinars on franchising. To schedule an appointment with a Franchise Consultant or register for a webinar, call 866-246-2884 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.

2022 Biggest Mistakes Franchise Investors Make…and What to Do About It!

In the last couple of years, one of the outgrowths of the COVID-19 pandemic has been what most people are now familiar with as “The Great Resignation.” As a direct result of this, franchise ownership has become a more popular option for those individuals looking to take more control over their lives and become their own boss. With over 700,00 franchises in the United States, it’s no wonder that franchising is seen as a viable business model. That being said, there are some big mistakes that investors make when buying into a franchise. In this article, Jason Killough, a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and the owner of Thriving Solutions, LLC, an independent Affiliate with The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA) talks about the three biggest ones.

Know Thyself!

When it comes to franchising, the ancient Greek aphorism, “know thyself” is quite apropos. A common mistake potential investors make is jumping into franchise ownership before doing some honest introspection on themselves to determine if it’s really an appropriate opportunity for them. According to Jason, before investing in a franchise, it’s critical that potential franchisees ask themselves why they want to be their own boss.

“Purely from a DNA perspective, you need to know if you even have what it takes to own your own business or franchise,” Jason said, “It takes a certain type of profile.”

Jason and The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA) help potential investors in determining this through their Entrepreneur Quiz (E-Quiz), which helps them understand their appetite for risk, for example. It also helps provide insight into if a franchise – with its established systems already in place – is the right fit or if an investor is more suited to owning his or her own business outright because they don’t want to conform to a specific system.  This tool, among others he administers free-of-charge, is critical to solving one of the first parts of the puzzle – the YOU piece.

Know Thy Potential Partner!

Another mistake that franchise investors make is simply not doing their homework and due diligence when vetting a franchisor or their current franchisees. Doing so provides an insider’s perspective on what the culture of the franchise is like and if it’s a good fit for you. Talk to both newly-established franchisees and those that have been around a while to get a good idea about what their experience has been like. What kind of support do they receive from the franchisor? How much control do they have over their business? How is the communication? And, of course, Would they do it all over again?  There are many other not-so-obvious questions TEA franchise consultants will coach their candidates to ask – it’s all part of a thorough discovery process.  To learn about all the complimentary tools TEA has in their coaching arsenal, go to https://eAuth.com/resources/.

Know Thy Financial Constraints!

One of the biggest mistakes that franchisees make is investing in a franchise that’s outside of their financial parameters. There’s a broad range of investment levels when it comes to franchising, anywhere from $50,000 up to $2M+, so it’s important to be clear from the beginning what is within your budget. There are also costs that need to be considered outside of the franchise fee, such as marketing and hiring staff.

“You simply do not want to be undercapitalized,” Jason said, “The last thing in the world you want is to buy a franchise, pay a franchise fee, and then you’re about to open, and you’ve run out of money.”

That’s where Jason and The Entrepreneur Authority play a crucial role as consultants. They help would-be franchisees find a franchisor and franchise opportunity that matches their financial capabilities and long-term goals.

So, if you’re thinking of investing in a franchise, make sure you avoid these three big mistakes and consult with a qualified franchise consultant. Doing so can save you time, money, and aggravation down the road.

Jason Killough is a Certified Franchise Executive with nearly 30 years of experience in the franchise industry. He offers no-fee consultations and regularly hosts webinars on franchising. To schedule a complimentary appointment or register for his next webinar, call 800-390-3726 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.

2022 Top Post-Pandemic Franchising Trends: Insights from a Certified Franchise Executive

Have you been wondering how franchised businesses will fare in a post-pandemic world? You’re not alone. With the rollout and acceptance of vaccines, the end of the COVID pandemic is on the horizon. Businesses are eager to adjust to this new reality, but how can you be prepared with so much uncertainty? We gain insights from Charlie Bever, Certified Franchise Executive. He discusses what his experiences have been during this pandemic, and what trends to look out for. 

Charlie Bever conducting a seminar

Mr. Bever owns The Career Transition Authority® (CTA), which is an affiliate of The Entrepreneur Authority, the leading franchise brokerage firm in the United States. Before founding CTA, he was the Director of Business Development for Miracle-Ear, Inc. and was responsible for over 25% of the franchise’s current owners. His extensive experience includes franchising and executive experience at Sears, Roebuck, & Company, and management positions at other well-known retailers like Macy’s and Montgomery Ward.

So let’s dive in and gain insights from the past, present, and future to learn what we can expect from the franchising industry.

TREND #1: Passive (aka Semi-Absentee) Ownership

The pervasive attitude that stood out, as we interviewed Charlie, was the sense that people did not want to be caught off-guard, professionally. The pandemic was a wake-up call to people and franchises that did not prepare for unforeseen career situations. Here’s what Charlie had to say about how people are adapting. “The current trend is towards passive or semi-absentee ownership. Many folks lost their jobs in Corporate America during the onset of Covid. They’ve now re-landed employment, however, they want to protect themselves by owning a franchise that can be owned and managed passively .” He noted that there was a “seismic shift to passive ownership. People don’t want to get caught flat-footed should they lose their job again.” The trend of more hands-off ownership indicates that people are switching over to franchises that offer passive responsibilities. The reason for this is clear, because of the pandemic, they realized a backup plan was crucial. The franchise industry is realizing that putting all of your eggs in one basket is no longer as certain as it once was. “Passive ownership opportunities are on the rise. Many people I work with don’t realize this is an option when selecting a franchise. This puts them at ease and creates excitement to earn incremental income.”

TREND #2: People want to control their own destiny

With the abundant loss of employment experienced during the recent past, people have grown tired of relying on upper management to dictate their job status, and have embarked on entrepreneurial journeys. Many are calling it The Great Resignation. Statistically, Franchising can offer an entrepreneur a lower risk and faster way to own his or her business compared to buying a chain store outright. Mr. Bever has identified that “W-2 employment opportunities will continue to dwindle, while self-employment opportunities are trending in popularity. Average tenure rates in the US sit at 3 years. Nobody likes looking for a new job. Franchising offers them the opportunity to have more control over their professional destiny.” This is one of the many things that is driving the interest in buying franchises, and it’s a trend that will likely continue for both entrepreneurs and investors.

TREND #3: Unprecedented supply of options demands people get experienced counsel prior to investing

The last decade or so has seen a proliferation of franchise options hit the market. It makes the research process rather daunting at times to the uninitiated. That underscores the importance to work with a trusted advisor who has been around the franchise block a time or two. “There are many more options industry-wise these days than ever before. So, the trend is more, and more unique brands are entering into the pool to select from.” This increased pool means that education and finding the right fit are vital to your decision-making. Mr. Bever’s solution for franchisees is, “by working with a trusted CFE, only then can the mind-boggling search be simplified through education – without any pressure or obligation and without feeling sold. A CFE is an expert in franchising and can really match the candidate up with the best-fit opportunities.” This time has created a unique opportunity for new and experienced people in the franchise industry, and making the right decisions is the most important step. 

The adoption of virtual technologies has also increased opportunities for potential buyers. “Virtual discovery days have almost become the norm, and I have talked to many franchisors who have decided to permanently go to virtual sessions. Artificial intelligence is also now widely being used to recruit candidates, and many franchisors and franchisees have highly sophisticated CRM systems in place.”

Final Thoughts

We can see that as the sun sets on the pandemic, owning a franchise can open a lot of doors. Franchises offer stability, brand name recognition, and management systems. We hope that understanding these trends will encourage you to dive deeper into this industry.  If you would like to learn more about franchising in a safe and non-committal way, attend one of TEA’s webinars. You can register by going to: www.eAuth.com/webinars. Happy and safe investing!

2021 Franchising Trends: Diving Into The Talent Pool

A glimmer of hope is on the horizon.

With the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in full swing and another from Johnson and Johnson on its way, many of us are holding our breath to see if this is really the end of the pandemic. We’d sure like to hope so!

There have been a lot of changes made to our businesses, day-to-day interactions with customers, friends, and family, and even our employee relationships. While also revealing our weak spots, the growing pains from the pandemic have made us stronger in many ways.

As we go into this new phase of optimism and hope, we must remember as business leaders not to leave anyone behind. We must stand up as leaders in our communities and remember what unites us.

Many hardworking Americans have been out of a job for several months. These are people who are good at what they do but were in the right place at the wrong time. It can be daunting for these folks to get back onto their feet and out into the world without business leaders who are willing to take a chance on long-term unemployed candidates. We want to encourage you not to ignore the talent pool in front of you.

Here is why hiring long-term unemployed candidates is worth it.

Hidden Gems

Don’t think about it as charity. When hiring employees who have been down on their luck, chances are you’ll both benefit overall.

Employees who were formerly unemployed for the long-term are more appreciative, loyal, hardworking, and committed to the place that gives them a chance. This is great news for your bottom line because productivity is through the roof. Some of the best employees you have ever had might be hiding in the talent pool.

Hiring Pays

Who says doing the right thing doesn’t pay? According to the US Department of Labor, entrepreneurs who hire “individuals from 10 targeted groups,” such as the long-term unemployed, “who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment,” can get a tax credit through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Although the WOTC technically expired on December 31, 2020, expiration is not unusual for this policy. It regularly “expires” and then Congress renews it again, oftentimes retroactively. So, keep an eye out for the next renewal, or be proactive and start hiring now to reap the benefits retroactively. It’s a worthwhile investment.