2024 Interview Series: Embracing an Entrepreneurial Challenge — Michelle Burlison’s Successful Leap into Franchise Ownership

Michelle Burlison’s journey towards franchise ownership began much like many others – with a desire for more freedom, flexibility, and control over her professional life. After working in the corporate world for many years, she was ready to take on a new challenge. And with an extensive background in accounting, and finance, and a pinch of legal and marketing experience, she was well-equipped for her next challenge. Yet, it wasn’t the allure of another corporate gig that caught her eye — it was the entrepreneurial spirit calling her name.

Embarking on a New Venture

Michelle’s journey began with a nudge from a close friend who had found success through franchising. It was through this connection that Michelle was introduced to David Omholt, CEO of The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA), a name that would soon become synonymous with her successful leap into franchise ownership. Initially, Michelle was unaware of all the options available to her in the franchise world, but with David’s guidance and expertise, she was able to narrow down her choices and find the perfect fit.

“David had all the information to help me make an informed decision,” Michelle recalls. “He also invests the time to get to know you. In fact, he went out of his way to get to know my husband as well, even though my husband was not going to be part of the business. So, we were both very impressed with that.”

Schooley Mitchell: The Unexpected Fit

Michelle found herself venturing into uncharted territory with Schooley Mitchell, a franchise specializing in cost reduction consulting — a far cry from the typical franchising models dotting the landscape. It was a franchise she, like many, had never imagined existed.

“We hear ‘franchise’, and we think of very common brands, and we think of a five million dollar investment. So, I knew there was a lot that I didn’t know.”

The Schooley Mitchell franchise, however, ticked all the boxes for Michelle. It was a B2B model that resonated with her expertise, offered the flexibility to work from anywhere, and had no geographical boundaries — a perfect fit for her love of travel. More importantly, it leveraged her financial acumen and analytical prowess, allowing her to thrive in an environment tailor-made for her skill set.

A Future of Growth and Flexibility

Now, five years into her franchise, Michelle is enjoying not just a thriving business, but an enhanced lifestyle. The flexibility afforded by her franchise allows her to manage her family and career without the constraints of corporate life’s demanding schedule.

“It really has enabled me to manage both family and career better. I’m still working hard and a lot of hours, but I work the way I want to work and, on my terms,” she shared.

Looking ahead, Michelle is committed to continued growth and exploring all avenues that may unfold over the next five years. Whether it’s renewing her franchise, passing the torch to her children, or even finding an external buyer, the possibilities are endless.

Advice for Aspiring Franchise Owners

For those standing where she once stood, Michelle has one piece of advice: work with an experienced consultant. She credits her success to David and the TEA team, who provided invaluable guidance throughout her journey. Michelle praised the process facilitated by David as educational, informative, and, above all, tailored to her needs and pace.

“Even if I never bought a franchise, I would have been better off for having known David and gone through that process for sure,” she said.

She also underscored the importance of partnering with someone who offers a vast array of options and who invests time in finding the perfect match — a franchise consultant who is the ‘eHarmony of franchises,’ as she fondly puts it.

The Entrepreneur Authority: A Guiding Hand

Michelle’s story isn’t just a testament to her success; it’s also evidence of The Entrepreneur Authority’s prowess in finding the best franchise fit for its clients. By providing personalized attention, industry connections and expertise, and a vast array of options, David and his team have helped countless individuals embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and build successful businesses.

TEA offers no-fee consultations, in addition to complimentary webinars on franchising. To schedule an appointment with a Franchise Consultant or register for a webinar, call 866-246-2884 or visit https://eAuth.com/webinars/.