2024 Interview Series: From Pulpit to Profit: A Pastor’s Journey to Franchise Ownership

In the world of entrepreneurship, few stories resonate with the combination of passion, purpose, and profit as does that of Dave Robertson, the dynamic franchise owner of Super Dave’s Snacks. His journey from a 34-year career as a pastor to the helm of a thriving vending machine concierge service is both inspiring and a testament to the personally and professionally rewarding nature of franchise ownership.

A Leap of Faith into Franchising

Dave’s transition from pastoral duties to the world of vending machines was less about retirement and more about a new beginning. It was a “God moment,” as he describes it when the idea of vending popped into his mind. This epiphany led him to Super Dave’s Snack Emporium – a venture that now spans hotels, distribution centers, and even a junior college.

The Entrepreneur Authority: Guiding Light in Dave’s Franchise Journey

Central to Dave’s successful shift was his connection with David Omholt, CEO of The Entrepreneur Authority. Many people come to David and TEA through seminars and job placement fairs. In Dave’s case, however, the two men already had a close relationship, as Dave was David’s pastor.

Dave credits Omholt’s expertise in franchising as instrumental in guiding him through the maze of options. “I knew he was the best in the business at what he does,” Dave shared. So, when he approached David about three different opportunities, Omholt’s conviction about Naturals2Go; known for its accolades in the franchise world, in particular, solidified his decision. “Well alright,” Dave recalled, “that’s who I’m gonna go with. If David says go with them. I’m going with them!”

Growth, Challenges, and Community Impact

Dave’s story is not just about business growth but also about overcoming challenges and giving back. When he first signed on with Naturals2Go, he was slated to fly out to Buffalo, NY in March 2020 for training, coincidentally right when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like much of the world, the city was shut down, and his training was done online. When in-person training eventually resumed, Dave was invited out to participate. Fast forward to today, and not only is Dave a successful franchise owner, but he has become the company’s lead trainer and coach, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

Like his days as a pastor, community involvement remains a cornerstone of Dave’s business philosophy. From offering scholarships to local students to embedding his services within the community fabric, Dave’s approach goes beyond mere profit. His initiatives, like partnering with a local barbecue restaurant to offer unique vending options, showcase innovative thinking in franchise operations.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those considering a franchise, Dave underscores the importance of support and knowledge. He feels that one of the most important ingredients to success is choosing a franchise that offers comprehensive support, from training to technical assistance. “Even though you’re starting your own business, which can be scary, you’re not in this by yourself,” he emphasized.

He’s also quick to point out the importance of working with an expert like The Entrepreneur Authority. “I guarantee if I would have gone with another company instead of the company that David recommended, I wouldn’t have the success I have right now,” Dave said. “Having somebody who can guide you in that process of determining what’s the best avenue for you…that’s what David’s especially talented at.”

Dave Robertson’s story with Super Dave’s Snacks is more than a business success; it’s a story of transformation, community engagement, and the value of expert guidance in the world of franchising.  Inspired by Dave’s story and interested in franchising? The Entrepreneur Authority delivers tailored support, deep industry connections, and a wide selection of opportunities to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

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