5 Must-Ask Financial Questions Before Buying a Franchise

People invest in franchises because they’re genuinely excited about the opportunity. It’s a low-risk, more secure way to open a business and become a successful entrepreneur. For many people, the freedom of being their own boss, setting their schedule, and knowing their hard work affects their profits is enough reason to become a franchisee. Before […]

5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

Confidence in entrepreneurship is key to success, but the most successful entrepreneurs know there’s always more to learn. That’s why so many successful entrepreneurs and business owners seek new knowledge and wisdom, and rely on mentors to support them throughout their learning processes. Here are 5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor: 1. You don’t […]

How Vets’ Leadership Skills Are Tailored to Franchising

Some people learn through textbooks, while others from life. For U.S. Military veterans, their business education came on the battlefield – a place where success isn’t an option, it’s a matter of life, death, and freedom. Through selfless, honorable service, vets also developed some of the strongest leadership qualities; skills that they can use when […]

Inventory Problems? 5 Best Tips for Inventory Efficiency

Walking into a store with bare shelves or no hamburger buns isn’t pleasant. Chances are, your customers aren’t going to be pleased. Even more, they may not come back any time soon, and will spread the message to others. For franchise entrepreneurs, inventory control is preemptive damage control. Not only that, it’s just good business […]

KFC Actually Selling Chicken Corsages for Prom

April Fools was over two weeks ago, but apparently it doesn’t matter for KFC. This time, the joke is on America’s fried-chicken staple, which is actually selling drumstick corsages just in time for high school proms. Teaming up with Nanz and Kraft, a Louisville florist company, KFC is offering finger-licking corsage-chicken hybrids, which feature a […]

How Vets Can Know They’re Ready for a Franchise Mission

There is no Am I ready for this? question to ask yourself in the military. Missions are completed under strict orders, and as combatants you must follow each objective carefully and meticulously in order to be successful. In the line of duty, it often takes unfathomable courage, teamwork, belief, and fearlessness. For this, your country […]