2021 Franchising Trends: Keeping What Works

The past year has been different than other years. Some businesses have struggled while others have thrived. Some several services and options have helped certain businesses be able to stay afloat. These services and options should be considered in the long run as well.

Curbside Pickup

Whether it is food and drinks from a restaurant, copy paper and ink from an office supply store, prescriptions from a pharmacy, or a new outfit from a department store- curbside pickup has been widely used during the pandemic. People utilize it not just for safety measures, but for sheer convenience as well. This is a service that has helped businesses stay afloat during these unprecedented times. This service has gained so much popularity, that it would be well worth continuing to offer it even after COVID-19 dies down and life returns to normal.


Over the past year, many businesses have adapted delivery services. This service is a must-have considering the current state of the world. Many individuals are staying home for work, kids staying home to do their classes online, the elderly, and people that are sick. Delivery is an essential service at this point. Your company is also creating jobs as you will need dedicated delivery persons. Since a large number of businesses now offer delivery, business leaders should consider continue to offer it even after things start returning to normal and more businesses open up. Otherwise, your company might lose customers to the competition.

Work From Home

Having some of your employees continue to work from home after COVID-19 is a wise decision. There are many reasons this will benefit your business. You will have lower overhead — the office electric and water bill will decrease, and you will be able to downsize your office space. Also, many talented individuals may not be able to come into an office every day. This may include new parents, or someone taking care of an ill family member. This past year has proved that there are many job functions one can take on at home. Working from home allows more versatility for employees and is a great option for many.

Online Instruction

Teaching lessons online has been a rewarding alternative for teachers, artists, bakers, tutors, and many more instructors. Offering these resources online has been a game-changer. The audience you can reach is endless. You can gain clients not only from your specific country but from all over the world. Many people are attracted to this type of learning model for the convenience of not having to leave home. This will still be extremely sought after in the future. Online instruction is only growing.

Final Thought

During this pandemic, businesses have had to get out of their comfort zone and adapt new methods and practices to remain open and keep their employees. Although the practices may have seemed unconventional at first, they surprisingly worked out in the company’s favor. These are desirable options that will give your business an edge.

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