4 Reasons Military Veterans Make Great Franchisees

Why are military veterans so well-suited for the franchise industry?

It’s as if their core characteristics have been specifically tailored to becoming a successful franchisee.

In fact, that’s what the military has done. Through their military training, veterans have acquired the most important skills required to becoming a successful franchisee – helping them become successful leaders in the industry and superb entrepreneurs.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons Military Veterans Make Great Franchisees:

1. The Ability to Follow Systems and Structure. In the military, vets had to following systems and structure to succeed in their missions. Through this intense training and lifestyle, military veterans have this ability ingrained in them – and are able to seamlessly transfer it to the franchise industry, where they flourish in following tried-and-true processes.

2. An Almost Unparalleled Hard Work Ethic. Owning a business takes work, and franchising is no different. But hard work yields success – and military veterans know how to push through tough obstacles to get the job done. On top of this, they are also able to lead and inspire a strong work-ethic culture for their employees – leading to even greater success.

3. Ability to React and Adapt Under Pressure. As a new franchisee, things are bound to happen fast: from customer complaints to supplier issues, anything and everything will most likely occur at least once – sometimes at a moment’s notice. What military veterans do best, however, is react quickly under pressure and find efficient solutions to problems.

4. Veterans Stick to the Plan to Complete Missions. There is no place for rogue members in the military. Instead, military veterans were required to closely follow their missions in order to succeed together. In franchising, it’s no different: a franchisee follows the processes set out by the franchisor to succeed, because it’s been proven to work time and time again.

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