Relax! How to Cope With Stress When Traveling for Business

Lost luggage, crowded flights, long delays, no Internet for extended periods of time — traveling for business comes with its fair share of stress, that’s for sure. According to a Carlson Wagonlit Travel study, all of these stress factors translate into an average of 6.9 hours of lost productivity per trip, equivalent to $662. An […]

4 Ways to Discourage Shoplifting 

The statistics paint a grim picture. As the National Retail Security Survey in 2015 notes, an estimated 27 million Americans shoplift, and 10 million of them have been caught within the past five years. Meantime, the average shoplifter confessed to stealing something 1.6 times a week, and the total amount taken from retailers annually is […]

Video Marketing Tips: Production Techniques for Planning a Shoot

Video marketers will find success in a well-planned production that boasts the same behind-the-scenes organization as a Hollywood production. The pre-production stage of your video is just as important as the filming stage. The more organized you are, the fewer blunders you will encounter on the days you shoot. A solid pre-production plan—crew requirements, location […]

Why Businesses are Turning to LinkedIn

With more than 300 million members, LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for career and business professionals. It’s known as a recruiting tool for employers, hiring managers and recruiters, but using LinkedIn provides many other benefits. It is a promotional platform for company products and services and corporate culture as well as a way […]

4 Tasks At-Home Business Owners Should Consider Outsourcing

If you run your small business out of your house, you are probably used to wearing many hats. To keep your home-based business afloat, you are a combination of chief executive officer, human resources manager, accountant and overall organization expert. You might also juggle other responsibilities related to your home office, like general cleaning and […]

What to Know If You’re Buying a Car for a Small Business

The United States Small Business Administration reports in 2014 that the United States economy generated the best year of job growth since 1999. More jobs means more cars on the road. The Wall Street Journal reported 2015 U.S. car sales set new records, overtaking sales last reached 15 years before, with factors such as lower […]