Top 5 Ways to Build Your Business Digitally

When you’ve got a small business, it’s sometimes hard to get the word out. While many small business owners depend on word of mouth to help drum up business, building leads by using the internet and the social feed is becoming increasingly useful. In this guide, we’re going to outline the top 5 small business […]

4 Local PR Strategies to Boost Franchisee Business

Striking the right balance between corporate and local marketing is tricky. Franchise brands are most successful when they have a professional, consistent image portrayed to the public, but one which is also localized enough that smaller-scale communities feel in touch with it. So, how can franchisees help drive business through marketing targeted to customers in […]

4 Essential Items to Include on Your Company Website

E-commerce continues to become increasingly central to marketing success. In 2016, global e-commerce sales reached $22 trillion, a 6 percent increase from 2015, according to eMarketer. By 2020, global e-commerce revenue will climb to $27.7 trillion. So what does this all mean? Truth be told, your website’s performance is more important than ever for driving […]

4 Reasons Military Veterans Make Great Franchisees

Why are military veterans so well-suited for the franchise industry? It’s as if their core characteristics have been specifically tailored to becoming a successful franchisee. In fact, that’s what the military has done. Through their military training, veterans have acquired the most important skills required to becoming a successful franchisee – helping them become successful […]

The Art of Inquiry: Asking Great Questions

Over the years, I have observed a skill that is often lacking in today’s entrepreneurs. I call it the art of inquiry, but in its simplest form what I mean is asking great questions. When entrepreneurs encounter failure, whether it be not meeting a particular business goal, a product launch that crashes and burns, or […]

Name an Industry and I’ll Show You a Successful Franchise

Chances are on your way to or from your 9-5 grind you will pass a successful franchise and not even know it. Part of this is due to the fact that the term franchise has become somewhat synonymous with the fast food restaurant and any franchise outside of that niche is barely recognized as one. […]