How to Find the Best Employees

Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and a few bad hires can make or break a small business.  Hiring is a hard problem.  Even Google admits that they haven’t found a single best predictor for hiring the right person.   The normal approach companies take to deal with the problem is to try to […]

The Profitable Side of Passion for Business Entrepreneurs

As someone who many might consider having an uncommon passion for what I do, which is bio-hazard clean up, it is not unlike any other business entrepreneur who wants to take what they love and turn it into a thriving business venture that will allow them financial stability for the long haul and security for […]

5 Simple Ways to Ensure That Your New Franchise Succeeds

5 Simple Ways to Ensure That Your New Franchise Succeeds   Buying a franchise and starting off on your own can be a life-changing decision. For one, you will be committing a great deal of money, possibly a good portion of your savings. You would probably also borrow from a financial institution or a bank. […]

Five Tips for Creating Work Life Balance

If you are a new entrepreneur with a small business, then you must learn how to balance your home life with your work responsibilities. Having a new business can monopolize your time, but you can change that with several simple ideas. There are great reasons for making changes to your lifestyle while operating a new […]

Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?

The ages-old nature/nurture debate has gone on for decades. Is a person the product of their environment (nurture) or the genetic traits and qualities passed down to them from their parents (nature)? Applying this question specifically to entrepreneurship – are entrepreneurs made or born? In other words, what is more important to your entrepreneurial success […]

Top 5 Ways to Build Your Business Digitally

When you’ve got a small business, it’s sometimes hard to get the word out. While many small business owners depend on word of mouth to help drum up business, building leads by using the internet and the social feed is becoming increasingly useful. In this guide, we’re going to outline the top 5 small business […]