How to Franchise Your Way into Retirement Bliss

Let’s face it, everyone will reach their golden years at some point no matter how young of heart they might feel. Then again, if you don’t reach your golden years then something has gone terribly wrong and you’re likely not reading this article right now. So let’s speak to the seasoned individual who’s not quite […]

Fund Your Franchise: Use our Pre-Qualification Tool

Many people who feel the entrepreneurial itch make the wise decision to develop their business chops by purchasing a franchise. It makes a lot of sense to have a successful franchising company backing you up with a well-developed business model, operational procedures, training, and even marketing support. But there is still a significant bill to […]

5 Time-Tested Marketing Principles That Your Franchise Must Use

Owning and operating a franchise is the best way to start an independent business. It is relatively easy to raise finance, as the lender knows that you have the backing of the franchisor’s proven model. Additionally, you will be provided with access to the franchisor’s operations manual. This is an invaluable tool that will guide […]

Busting the Myth of Multitasking

If you’re an entrepreneur that thinks of yourself as the consummate multitasker, this is one article you must read. Let me begin by stating the main idea: Multitasking is a myth! It’s important to debunk this myth and set the record straight so you know what’s really involved in boosting your productivity. The human brain […]

5 Signs Your Resume Screams ‘Entrepreneur’

  Finding a career you’re truly passionate about can be challenging. If you’re like most people, you were brought up to believe there was only one way to succeed in life: to get an education, get a steady job working for a respected company, and live happily ever after. As we all know, this isn’t […]