Name an Industry and I’ll Show You a Successful Franchise

Chances are on your way to or from your 9-5 grind you will pass a successful franchise and not even know it. Part of this is due to the fact that the term franchise has become somewhat synonymous with the fast food restaurant and any franchise outside of that niche is barely recognized as one. The other reason I am confident that you will pass by a successful franchise today is that they are nearly everywhere these days touching nearly every industry imaginable. Far beyond pizza and hamburgers, the franchise model has been used to grow various niches from fashion, tools, health care, education and beyond. If you can think of an industry I can likely think of a franchise that touches it in some manner or another. This is great news for the would be entrepreneur who has always longed to become the captain of one’s own financial destiny but never really saw themselves asking “would you like fries with that?” So let’s take a quick look at the breadth of the franchise industry and see if a life’s passion doesn’t just jump up and bite you.

The Benefits of Franchising

Before we take a look at the scope of the industry, let’s first cover very briefly exactly what makes the franchise model so successful. Franchising puts the owner in command of their own destiny without asking them to go it alone. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to become the next Jeff Bezos of Amazon who is going to come up with the next big new idea to make them the next billionaire. That being said, there is a great deal of entrepreneurial talent still trapped in the your standard 9-5 grind because they can’t envision the opportunity out.

Franchising gives the first time entrepreneur not only that opportunity, but a proven business model to follow. In fact, if a franchise doesn’t believe in the new franchisee or the market they are entering they often won’t even both to award a franchise. The franchise understands that their name, brand and reputation are on the line every time they open a new location. So should you find yourself the new recipient of a franchise you can feel pretty good that the experts think you’ve got a pretty good shot at success.

This is of course not guaranteed and those new to the world of franchising have an obligation to do their homework. Talk to other franchise owners and make sure the franchise gives you all the pertinent data. If you do that, then your first franchise can often be the first step in a path towards an empire of franchises that gives you a steady stream of income for the future. It is hard work and there are risks, but unless you’ve created the next billion dollar widget in your basement it is often the safest path to an entrepreneurial future. Enough about the numbers, let’s talk about the passion.

Find Your Passion and Find Your Profit

This is where the full spectrum of the franchise industry comes into play on behalf of the new franchisee. You don’t have to flip burgers my friend. Although, fast-food can offer some pretty reliable profits and you’ll never hear the owner of multiple McDonald’s franchises complaining about being poor. Yet, you can branch out and pick an industry more to your liking. If caring for others has always been your life’s passion you’d be please to know that the senior service industry is one of the hottest niches in franchising right now. From home care agencies that allow seniors to age with dignity and grace in their own homes to those who help seniors move and downsize there are opportunities for you.

What’s great about the senior services franchises is not only do the provide a pretty good return on investment, but the initial investment to get started is actually pretty low. No ovens, grills or major equipment of which to speak. Just a dedicated group of staff or caregivers and you are ready to go. Then again, perhaps educating children is your passion. There are a host of franchises involved with youth from daycare to STEM education and more. That’s right, you don’t have to flip burgers to franchise your way to success as you can educate children in science and math.

If you consider yourself the next Tim “the toolman” Taylor from Home Improvement we’ve got tool franchises for you. Like to help make people feel beautiful? There are countless hair salons you can open. Fancy yourself a fitness buff? Why not open one of the many successful fitness gyms so you can cash in on those new year’s resolutions to lose weight. Pet supplies, accounting services and yes good old fashioned pizza, I think you get the point by now. Find your passion and thanks to the franchise model with a little hard work and determination you will find your profit.

In Conclusion

I’ll confess that perhaps it was a stretch to say that every single industry has a franchise but it is so close to discernible truth that I’ll allow it. Franchising is more than burgers and fries my friends. Once you realize that, it is as if your wildest childhood dreams come true. Yes, there are comic book store franchises so that is not a stretch either. Running a franchise is work and you’ll not hear me be the one to tell you it is the path to easy money. Oh, but it is a path to harnessing your passion and making you captain of your own destiny. Name an industry and I’ll most likely show you a franchise is perhaps what I should have said. Then again, that’s not really as catchy a title is it? Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more question about franchising and who knows, maybe a future without precedent is right around the corner for you.


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