How to Tell if a Franchise is a Good Fit for You

Determining the proper culture fit is just as important for franchisors as it is for those seeking to invest in a franchise.   While “fit” can be hard to measure and difficult to define, it is considered one of the top reasons a business succeeds or fails. 

What many potential franchisees may not realize is that they are being scrutinized just as carefully as they are examining the franchisor.  Successful franchise operations have a formal recruitment process and determining culture fit is one of the markers franchisors use to determine if a potential franchisee would add value to the business and enhance the brand.

In a recent interview with Franchising World magazine, Rob Goggins, senior vice president of Great Clips, Inc. noted, “Culture-fit is not nearly as black and white as other qualifiers such as financial resources or professional skills, but it’s arguably more important.  If there is a good fit upfront and we’ve identified and recruited the right person, then odds are good it will be a harmonious, and profitable, long-term relationship.”

One of the many benefits of working with a knowledgeable franchise broker is the help a potential franchisee receives in getting their own ducks in a row to present a good candidate profile to franchisors.  An expert franchise broker will not only help potential franchisees perform the proper due diligence on franchisors to determine if you are a good fit, they also provide consultation on the franchisor interview and qualification process so you are fully knowledgeable before going in. 

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