Interest in Low-Cost Franchises Remains High in 2012

While the job market is showing signs of steady growth once again, many of those who became disillusioned with life in Corporate America are turning to franchising as an alternative – and low-cost (less than $20,000 start-up cost) franchises are on the radar for lots of upcoming entrepreneurs, according to a recent article from TheStreet.

Concepts that are generally considered low cost include home-based businesses as well as some popular retail options.  Home-based businesses can be attractive to those who want a low cost of entry, good margins and a business that provides the potential for a good work-life balance. 

Home-based businesses are a great choice for those wanting to be a “solopreneur” – someone who may want to work at home, with no other employees.  Whether you want to use your own skills to start a home-based business, or spend a little to invest in a home-based franchise business with a proven business model and a “template” to follow for success, all you need is the right technology – and the right attitude – to succeed.

For any business to be successful, there is a formula to follow, and that includes being your own boss.  A franchise broker can help you align your skills with the right opportunity and help you every step of the way toward launching your own business.

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